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About Us

Dear investors and guests of our investment fund!We are happy to announce that our antiquarian company, which has existed since 1997 and engaged in selling and reselling various antiques, has finally launched a website and can accept online investment. Our head office is located in Alexandria, and the network of antiquarian shops is spread across Africa.

Africa is one of the richest continents with many different antiques, the value of which is often understated!

Our agents travel all over the country in search of the most valuable items, concluding the most beneficial deals. The company was founded by my older brother, who devoted his entire life to the antiquarian business. But time goes by – we strive to always remain at the peak of success and therefore decided to launch an additional investment fund open to anyone!

We have created the website with due consideration of our business, provided it with an excellent technical engine and can guarantee our investors a permanent, passive income, without any knowledge of our business! All you need is to pass simple registration and choose a suitable plan to make a deposit through one of the most popular electronic payment systems in the world!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us to ask them. So far, the website and support desk function only in English and Russian versions, but we are going to expand and overcome the language barrier!

Our company remembers and respects not only its own roots, but those of the whole planet, we honor traditions and customs, and we also founded and fund a museum in Cairo, which hosts the best items from our collection!

Join and earn passive income! We all are one big family!
Respectfully yours, Alexander Gordons-Everett.